About me

I am a journalist and author of crime fiction. I have an MSc in climate change management and, in my day job, specialise in science journalism with a focus on EU policy, as well as writing about climate change, energy and the Global South. Available for freelance commissions.

I am a member of the National Union of Journalists, the Association of British Science Writers and the Society of Authors. I run the West London Writers, a lively and welcoming fiction writing group in Ealing.

When I am not writing I like to walk, knit and drink copious amounts of tea with sage and honey.


  1. Dear author,

    I represent a blog aggregator and we wanted to ask you whether you would allow us to publish content from your site to ours. Obviously your blog and yourself will be attributed for the content and you will be visible as one of our authors. Do you have any email where we could send you some more information?

      1. The aggregator is under construction at this moment… Would you like me to give you the link as soon as it is up and running or would you prefer an introduction on what it will do?

  2. Inga, Your first book – The long long afternoon – is fantastic! Please, please write at least one follow up. Michael Devaney

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