Interview with Suffolk Libraries

Yay, I’ve been interviewed by Suffolk Libraries for their amazing Meet the Author series. Have a read here.

I really like this kind of interview, where it’s more about the details of the book, the plot and the characters, and not so much the generic questions.

You want to know a secret? I hate the question: What inspired you to write the book?

I don’t know why. I just never know what to answer. All my books have been inspired by so many different things. Newspaper articles, conversations… sometimes even a single image. I saw a picture once in an old mail order catalogue of a woman looking out at the rain:

It’s the tiniest image, supposed to illustrate the convenience of not having to leave the house when doing your catalogue shopping. But somehow, it caught my eye. To me, it looks like this woman is yearning for something outside the home. She’s not relieved, she’s anxious. Mabe she is waiting for someone, or longing to go somewhere.

So, inspiration can strike anywhere, at any time and be based on anything. That’s my only answer.


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