This Wild, Wild Country – out in paperback

Fabulous news – This Wild, Wild Country, my latest novel, is now out in paperback and available in all good bookshops, including Waterstones and

While the hardback launch gets all the glamour, the paperback is actually the far more exciting time in a book’s journey. Most people will buy paperbacks, and many supermarkets sell only paperbacks, so this is the moment when my latest book baby will seriously hit the shelves across the country.

Strangely, this is the time when I have to truly let go of this book. It’ll be out there, free and loose, doing its own thing, like my Hippie characters. All I can do is cross my fingers, toes and everything else that it will do well.

But with such a fabulous cover, a fast-paced plot and a twisty, haunting mystery at its heart, how could it not?

1933. Cornelia Stover is not the kind of woman the men of Boldville, New Mexico, expect her to be. But, one day, she stumbles upon a secret hidden out in the hills . . .

1970. Decades later, Joanna Riley, a former cop, packs up her car in the middle of the night and drives west, fleeing an abusive marriage and a life she can no longer bear. Eventually, she runs out of gas and finds herself in Boldville, a sleepy desert town in the foothills of the Gila Mountains.

Joanna was looking for somewhere to hide, but something is off about this place. In a commune on the outskirts a young man has been found dead and Joanna knows a cover up when she sees it. Soon, she and Glitter, a young, disaffected hippie, find themselves caught up in a dark mystery that goes to the very heart of Boldville. A mystery that leads them all the way back to the unexplained disappearance of Glitter’s grandmother Cornelia forty years before . . .


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